Human Error / Black Hole of Calcutta split 7″

I received copies of this 7″ today for my distro, and I was curious to check out Human Error’s new stuff. I had heard a few songs quite some time ago, so I wanted to know if I would like them as much as I remembered, or more. What ended up happening, was that I listened to their side twice in a row! They start off with the kind of intro I’d expect from Extreme Noise Terror, and then a quick countoff, and they begin blasting. The song breaks into a quick charging crust riff, then slows down a little further into a deliberate pounding punk part. The rest of their side continues in this manner: occasional but sustained blasting parts, tons of good crust riffs, and even a few headbobbers.

I flipped the record over to check out Black Hole of Calcutta, despite not being impressed with their previous efforts. This time I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. I own many BHOC records, but always for the other side of them. Usually the drums are great, but the guitar tone irritates me, and makes the whole band sound weak. Like I previously mentioned, the drummer for BHOC is top notch, and they’re certainly not lacking in proficiency. Perhaps on this record, the bass is mixed a little higher or something, but whatever it is, it’s working for me this time. At the show I’m going to tonight, I’ll be recommending this record to my friends.


  1. i remember hearing some human error a while back and liking it. but honestly, it's not something that stuck with me. i may have to go dig it out again and listen to it one more time.

  2. I always thought that BHOC were some kind of lame split side band. I was bored by their part on the split 10" w/ Blood Phoenix. Today I got the split 7" w/ Lycanthrophy. Mainly because of Lycanthrophy. However I gave the BHOC side a try and I was amazed!!!! Awasome high speed thrash which reminded me of Geriatric Unit on 45 rpm!!
    I´m really looking forward to hear their new stuff.

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