Archagathus / Nak’ay – split 10″

What was probably a few months ago now, I had the pleasure of seeing Nak’ay live.  When I first heard them a few years ago (split with Unholy Grave) I didn’t know shit about them, other than that they came out of the ruins of Daisycutter.  That particular split (the 5″ with Unholy Grave) is literally blast beats start to finish.  Their contribution to this 10″ go a little bit beyond that, but not by much.  That’s a good thing.  Live, they smoked so hard.  Their drummer is a rare exception.  They played with full stacks.  It was awesome.

The Archagathus side of this record is no let-down either.  Maybe you think this disc is non-essential, especially if the A section of your 7″ box is filling up, and you already have Canadian Horse.  Think again!  Prince of Mince and the dukes have done something a little different this time around- something that I wasn’t expecting.  It’s like they’ve only been listening to death metal and had a few beers with Bill Steer.  There are some monster riffs on here, and on top of that, the dive bombs and leads will leave grill marks on your face.  This record is a must-hear, must-have.  Why don’t you have this record already?  Go go go go now and get it!

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