Here’s a preview of some of the records that I’m drooling over myself just thinking about. Some are out, and I don’t have a copy yet, and some have been announced as coming soon.

1. Suffering Mind self titled LP- I already heard the tracks, because Kuchar was nice enough to send me the mp3s while I wait for my copy! Along with this will be the Suffering Mind 3″ which I’ve also heard, but it will be really cool.

2. Mass Grave LP- This band can do no wrong. They played here back in May and it blew my face off. It’s coming from Haunted Hotel Records in a few months I guess.

3. Looking For An Answer/ Ratos De Porao split 10″- Looking For An Answer gets better and faster with each release. If their La Caceria EP was any indication of how this 10″ will sound, then it will be a good day for all. I haven’t really listened to Ratos De Porao very much, so I don’t have any expectations for them. I might be pleasantly surprised, or indifferent. I think Six Weeks is releasing this in the US.

4. Magnum Force EP- Their demo was good, although it sounded like Magrudergrind recording on a 4-track with better vocals. The song off the To Live a Lie Sampler that will be on this EP really impressed me however. The band sounds like they got more of a unique sound, and a better recording. Also there were some squealy guitar leads that put the track over the top. This should be coming really soon on To Live a Lie.

5. Parlamentarisk Sodomi/ Laserguys split 7″- I thought we were done getting new material from Parlamentarisk Sodomi, but apparently not! I’ll listen to anything that guy records! The split with Blodsprut was so fast, and his songs always sound genuinely angry, not just hard talk about vague targets. The stuff that I’ve heard from Laserguys wasn’t so memorable, but then again, I never listen to Blodsprut either. Grind Block Records has a pre-order of this.


  1. and if you haven't seen it yet, broken bones rereleased lfaa's buscando una respuesta ep over the summer. i got my copy about a month ago. grind + reggae = WIN!
    i expect big things from lfaa. the buzz seems to be growing around them.

  2. I've had the MCD of buscando for a few years. It seems to keep getting released on CD, LP, Cassette etc etc. that record was my intro to LFAA, so good!

    Agipunk also just released their Biocidio LP which is all the songs from the Kontraataque (sp?) split plus an unreleased song!

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