Cellgraft – Demo Cassette

Cellgraft are from Florida, and they play no-frills grindcore in the style of Assuck. This cassette has 13 tracks, never hitting the minute mark. The guitar sounds metallic and sharp, and if they have a bass player, I didn’t notice on the recording. The drumming is good, along with the drum production, which is usually a dealbreaker for me when it’s bad. The vocals consist solely of low grunts and barks. The artwork on the demo is printed on yellow cardstock. The artwork looks like a med-school chalkboard drawing to me. The tape also came with a xeroxed lyrics sheet, which is a little blurry to read. The lyrics are well written, and cover the standard topics for a grindcore band, and manage to avoid being too boring or rehashed. Overall I think this demo is fantastic. It’s straight and to the point pure grind.

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