Your Top 5 Active Bands

I asked this question last night on the DBS Facebook page.  Here are the responses, with mine first:

Juan Butts

– Death Toll 80k, War Master, Misanthropic Noise, Gowl, (my two local faves) and Ilsa.

Connor Donegan

– No Tolerance, The Rival Mob, Coke Bust, Double Negative, and No Tomorrow.

Bartholomew Howitzer

– Curmudgeon, Iron Lung, Iselia, Dogbite, Grudges.

Jacob Bennett
Iron Lung, Water Torture, Cogs And Sprockets, Ordstro, and +HIRS+

Halli Doe

Water Torture, Magrudergrind, Nihil Baxter, Despise You, Vitamin X

Ern Chaosound

Swamp Gas, Slough, Pig Chicken Suicide, Rottred, The Kill


  1. Not sure if you know Andrew since news only came out yesterday, but Sakatat are disbanding, one more gig in January and thats it. As for my favourite 5 active bands its a tough call, but probably is

    Suffering Mind
    Six Brew Bantha
    Actuary (we allowed a noise band?)

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