Don’t Be Swindle – Episode #3 Podcast – by the Other Will

This was pretty fun to do. Enjoy!

1. Doom- Circles
2. Sore Throat- Hang Norman Tebbit
3. Sore Throat- Filthchain
4. Gore Beyond Necropsy- Leavin’ Here
5. Iron Butter- Willieburger
6. Final Exit- May
7. Asocial Terror Fabrication- Under the Dark Force
8. GoFuckYourself- Mormons Can Fuck Off pt. 2
9. Herpes- Seguimiento Falso

10. Electro Hippies- Gas Joe Pearce
11. Concrete Sox- Your Turn Next
12. Heresy- Despair
13. Attitude Adjustment- Warfear
14. Ulster- Morte Aos Velhos

15. Excruciating Terror- Human Error
16. Extreme Noise Terror- Cage Paralysis/ Think Outside the Box
17. Phobia- Infant Suffering
18. G-Anx- Life
19. Prophecy of Doom- title unknown
20. Napalm Death- Your Achievement
21. Masskontroll- Epilogue

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