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Magnum Force – Demo ’09 tape
Blastcat Records
Mega blasty. Musically reminds me of MAGRUDERGRIND or IN DIGUST. Where has this band been hiding that I haven’t heard of them before? Tape is demo quality but very listenable. Six songs including a song called ‘Party Song’ which has no lyrics. The last song totally rips, fast parts into a really cool slower blast kick part. They did sixty of these the first run and I guess needed to do thirty more, I see why this would have sold out, it rips! -willfastcore

V/A – SCVM tape
Destination Failure
Got this in the mail from Australia. Had a long week and didn’t check it out till just now. Thought it was a band then realized it was a comp. Siiiiiiiddde A— PATHETIC HUMAN is pretty solid, expected the vocals to be more screamy for the way the music sounds, then they slow it down and it sounds on point. SEPTIC SURGE noisewheel noise into something punk. SCUMMY GUMS was live. THE KILL song completely rips everything apart, this is my top pick. RADIATION NATION surprisingly is good enough to follow THE KILL’s song, very live but heavy and breakdownish. HOLY BONER either is only recorded on the right channel or this tape blew up my tape deck, live.. two vocals I think, kind of hard to hear, oh my left speaker came back, some weird sounds and a guitar swell, a little too poorly recorded for my taste, nothing too redeeming but I guess with the name HOLY BONER it makes more sense. COLLAPSED TOILET VIETNAM starts out with noise, then sounds kind of happy hardcore…reverby vocals and constant metronomic beat, not my thing. Sidddddde B…PISSBOLT starts out very riff-heavy and distorted… like live distorted, can pretty much only hear the guitar with a faint vocalist and drum behind. SUFFER rips, very California-sounding powerviolence. NUCLEAR SEX ADDICTis reminds me of GAUZE or HERESY or something of that ilk, very Japanese cock-rock hardcore sounding. THE KILL sound just like a noisewheel and screaming. EXTORTION give a live version of Liar to this, rad as you would expect. SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE dish out some excellent gurgly grind, very solid, I like it, not unlike INSECT WARFARE. EBOLA DISCO is heavy angry and short.. song kind of drops off. Unless I’m confused on tracks.. there should be one for OCCULT BLOOD, maybe that was the one that dropped off or I thought one song was another one, but from what I can tell its not on here. Anyway, this is a good sampling of Australia’s noisecore/grindcore scene. Most people would have only heard of EXTORION and possibly THE KILL so this is a great way to hear some new music. -willfastcore

Hooker Spit Windex – Barf to Death Grind tape
Self Released
I got the CD-R version of it too, but reviewing tapes is always cooler. Electric green tape body, love it! Spraypainted front, numbered sides, solid. Awesome grindcore with a ton of deathmetal feel. This is way worth it, riffy and catchy. -willfastcore

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  1. The Ebola Disco track goes for about 3 seconds. It's the more electronic song that sounds like a downward spiral. Occult Blood is the last song which is probably equally as obnoxious, but played with actual instruments rather than power-electronics.

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