Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sore Throat vs. S.O.B. vs. Disrupt vs. Septic Death

I personally have listened to Disrupt the most out of these bands because their music is easier to come by. I love their politics. S.O.B. has an obvious special place in my heart, see the name of this blog. Septic Death I love and had the luck to find some of their stuff on Discogs for a decent price. Sore Throat has always been a bit hard to come by, and their blurred out noisecore stuff is a bit on the strange side but when they do it up, they do it uppp!

Which band just does it for you? All four are noisy/grindy/and began in the early to late nineties. Decide for yourself and let us know!


  1. oh man. disrupt's "religion is a fraud" may be one of the greatest vocal performances set to tape when alyssa murray just cuts fuckin' loose. but i may have to go with s.o.b. i've been hunting for don't be swindle forfuckinever but i have gate of doom and vicious world and i love to throw on both of them when i'm biking. that skatecore tempo is just so much fun to cruise to.

  2. Oh man, what a cruel question. Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid is definitely my preferred Sore Throat album: but even so, choosing between that and Disrupt is really difficult. (Also, S.O.B. and Sore Throat were both active as much in the late 80s as the 90s).

  3. Easy choice for me, Sore Throat. As much as I like the others, Sore Throat have a closer relationship musically with me.

  4. Such varied bands to ask this about. I know Disrupt the best as well, and i think i do because I like them the most. Sore Throat's never done it for me, same goes for most noisecore. I should like Septic Death more than I do, and the same goes for SOB- They just haven't gotten enough love from me.

    Long and the short of it - Disrupt. Female and male vocals, grimy, pissed off and fast; what's there not to like?